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The Dolphin Research Institute has a special scheme for young school students in Years 5 and 6. This is our award-winning ‘i sea, i care’ Ambassadors program. Here the students develop presentation and leadership skills, whilst learning about the marine environment.

Two of our Mornington Peninsula Region ‘i sea, i care‘ Ambassadors, Dakota and Georgia had a ‘nude food’ day recently at their school, Somerville Primary. Their message was to reduce the plastics and other wrappings that can end up in drains and waterways by bringing lunches in re-usable packaging – such as lunch boxes.

Here is Georgia with the Pollution Poster the girls made. They took the poster to each class in their school and talked about it.

ISIC Ambassador and Poster 2016

Dakota was also presented at the school assembly with a special award from the Dolphin Research Institute by our Education Director, Mandy Robertson. This was to recognise the amazing fund-raising effort Dakota (and her family) did for our Walk for Western Port. Thank you Dakota and Georgia, and all our Ambassadors for all you do for our living marine treasures.

ISIC Dakota and Mandy 2016

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