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The Ambassadors from St Joseph’s Primary School in the Bayside region of DRI’s ‘i sea, i care‘ program showed how much they care about the marine environment and the future – on the news!

Bayside Ambassadors held their peer-teaching workshop in June at the school (above). The skills they gained then are already being used to spread the message about marine issues, and what we all can do. Well done, Ambassadors – you’re doing a great job.

Here’s what appeared on Channel 9 …

A group of kids in Melbourne’s Black Rock is educating their peers about how to protect the fragile marine environment on the city’s doorsteps.
St Joseph’s Primary’s Dolphin Ambassadors are tackling everything from marine plastic to recycling and waste management, teaching other kids why it’s so important to never let rubbish reach the ocean.
They’re also aware of the recycling crisis gripping Victoria, and want the government to step up.
St Joseph’s Primary’s Dolphin Ambassadors teaching other students how to protect the marine environment. (9News)
They need to put more money into things like this because it’s really important, we need to put money into taking care of our own environment before we move onto doing things like space exploration and stuff that doesn’t really matter until we get our own country in shape,” one student told 9News.
“We could make more recycling places and it would be easier to do that if we did, we wouldn’t have to export it all away, we would be able to do recycling plants in Australia,” another student said.
Another student said kids needed to be taught the importance of protecting the environment so they can teach the next generation in order to make change.
You can watch them here

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