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Spot-A-Whale 2021

Most whales don’t wave their fluke in the air as if to say “here I am”.

The most usual sighting of a whale is the distant “blow” as the animal surfaces to breathe – sometimes many kilometres off-shore.

The post contains a video presentation from David Donnelly, the Dolphin Research Institute’s Research Officer, to explain how to spot whales and log the sightings on the Institute’s PodWatch App.

We produced this as part of the 2021 Island Whale Festival because the normal Spot-A-Whale program format is impossible due to Covid restrictions.

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All whale sightings go to the Institute’s Two Bays Whale Project. These data are shared with wildlife managers to achieve protection. The Two Bays Whale Project is also a partner with the Southern Hemisphere Whales and Climate Project.

Join us on Phillip Island at the 2021 (Covid Safe) Island Whale Festival.

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