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The ‘i sea, i care’ secondary school program is an initiative for older students with a strong passion for the environment and science!

DRI’s ‘i sea, i care’ Ambassador program has been running for primary students since 2000. It fosters a strong sense of ‘Marine and Coastal Self-Esteem’ and stewardship for the unique marine treasures of Victoria.

Now we are expanding it to secondary students thinking of a career in science or environmental management. The secondary program began in Term 4 last year. Each invited school nominated four Year 9 Ambassadors.

In December, the Ambassadors had their first workshop – a snorkel trip in Port Phillip. This was a fabulous way for the students to get up close to Victoria’s amazing marine life. It also marked the start of the Ambassadors’ journey to become champions for the marine environment that is in our own backyard.

ISIC Secondary 2017

Each term in 2018 they will join with other Ambassadors in workshops, including one based on our Community Dolphin Monitoring Program (left). Here students learn skills that are used in the field by DRI’s research team. These include sighting cues for dolphins and whales and identifying the different marine mammals in Port Phillip. Students will use these skills in an actual land-based dolphin monitoring survey later in the year.

There is an excursion to the Department of Biological Sciences, Monash University. At this workshop the Ambassadors gain an insight into potential study options and can speak to peers studying and working in related fields. The students spend the morning in the laboratory and tour the campus in the afternoon.

ISIC Secondary Ambassadors

Students with Bruce Weir, Teaching Services Manager, School of Biological Sciences.

The peer teaching workshop gives Ambassadors the skills and knowledge of how to present to their peers and community groups. It also builds their confidence in public-speaking.

ISIC Litter trap

At the Catchments, Litter and Pollution workshop (right) the Ambassadors discover the link between inland areas and the bays through rivers, creeks and drains. The human impact is explored through litter surveys and collections, investigating the invertebrate diversity of wetlands and testing for water quality.

DRI is proud to be expanding our ‘i sea, i care’ program to secondary schools. Eventually we hope to have ‘i sea, i care’ communities and ‘i sea, i care’ schools caring for our dolphins and our bays.

Contact our Education team for more information about this exciting new program. The initiative has been funded by the Port Phillip Bay Fund.

You can help too! Join the Dolphin Research Institute’s new i sea, i care‘ Communities and …. ACT SHARE SUPPORT – free, easy, useful and fun!

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