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Since 2010, Zoos Victoria has been collecting and recycling plastic waste from Melbourne Zoo to produce specially designed bins. These bins are placed at various popular fishing sites across Victoria, providing anglers with a way to dispose of fishing line without harming marine wildlife.


Seal the Loop bin

On Friday 18th November, students in years 5 and 6 from Rye Primary School came together at Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron to take part in Zoos Victoria – Seal the Loop Action Day. This annual event involves Victorian schools coming together across ten different locations to continue learning about the program and why it is essential to keep our coastlines and waterways clean.


Rye Primary School students being shown a dried ray carcass that was once found washed up along the shore

Students took part in a beach clean-up where students collected lengths of rope, plastic waste, a car tyre and a commercial plastic container. We also had a sit-down chat with students on the grass to talk about different types of marine life that is affected by waste. This time was also used to help settle common misconceptions people have between our native 11-armed sea star and the introduced species – the northern pacific sea star. Unfortunately our native species populations are suffering as a number of people confuse the identity of sea stars they come across, misleadingly giving our native species the toss.


Rye Primary School students involved in the Seal the Loop program

A big thankyou to the teachers and staff at Rye Primary School for helping make the day a success, and to the volunteers who came to share information with students.


Rye Primary School students on the lawn of the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron




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