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After visiting our Institute last October, Rye Ladies Probus approached us with the idea that they would like some of our Ambassadors from a local school to present at one of their monthly meetings.

Rye Primary is one of our longstanding schools in the Mornington Peninsula group, having joined in 2013. They are very active with their environment team, participating , not only in our ‘i sea, i care’ Ambassador program but also ‘Seal the Loop’ and ‘Kids teaching Kids’. When asked if their Ambassadors would like to present what they learnt at a recent peer teaching workshop they had attended, they jumped at the chance.

Last Monday, Bailey, Billie, Ashley and Keely talked to the ladies about seals, decorator crabs, biscuit sea stars, the dolphin trip in March, what their environment team does at school and how they became Ambassadors in the first place. They were absolutely fantastic and a credit to themselves and the school.

ISIC Rye Ambassadors 2016

The ladies at Probus thoroughly enjoyed their presentation and were impressed by their confidence, so much so that Rye Historical Society has asked if they can present in October for their members too.

This is a great example of some of the leadership opportunities that our Ambassadors get through the program.

Thank you so much for organising yesterday with the young Ambassadors, they were a real hit!  I would highly recommend them to any Probus Group for a talk.    Suzanne Edgington

The kids were really pumped on the way back to school! It was great to see them present and share their knowledge, I was impressed at how much they could recall. Thank you for the opportunity.      Lachlan Featherston

 Many thanks to Suzanne Edgington (Rye Ladies Probus), Sandi Emile and Lachlan Featherston (Rye Primary)

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