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17/18 May 2017 – Melbourne Ambassadors take to the bay.

Pushing through the cold of the morning, each group of our Melbourne Ambassadors was at Ricketts Point, Beaumaris for a day of exploring, discovery and learning.  Both days had beautiful calm waters and an array of bird life including black swans feeding on the shallow seagrass vegetation – some had neck collars used to track behaviour and movements.  Ambassadors on the 18th were lucky to see a pod of dolphins making its way across Port Phillip.

ISIC 2017 Ricketts Point2

Ambassadors were divided into 4 groups, rotating between a set of activities organised for the day. Activity One involved Ambassadors learning about the importance of identifying the dolphins that are found in both Port Phillip and Western Port using fin identification.

Activity Two saw Ambassadors exploring the amazing marine life found amongst the sea grass at Ricketts Point. Using the first floor of Beaumaris SLSC, Ambassadors sifted through samples of sea grass, using microscopes to explore and investigate the (incredibly) visible life. ISIC 2017 Melb Ricketts Point3 -

The third activity was on the rock pools of Ricketts Point, where Ambassadors explored at their own pace, searching for all things great and small that exist at the marine sanctuary. Such life included flatworms, limpets, glass eels, and many, many species of shore crabs – which always cause excitement!

As always, thank you to our wonderful team of educators and parents who made the trek to Ricketts Point in support of our hard-working, enthusiastic and passionate Ambassadors.

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