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RICKETTS POINT WORKSHOP: Just prior to this most recent lockdown we had a fantastic day today with our Melbourne ISIC Ambassadors for our first face-to-face workshop in 6 weeks! We had sunny skies and light winds and the Ambassadors absolutely loved the activities and were deeply engaged from start to finish!! We found some amazing animals on our rockpool ramble, then the students tested their whale and dolphin identification skills, and after snack, they delved onto the microscopic world of seagrass and finished off with a marine debris sort and report using the brilliant Litter Stopper app 😊 These students are so inspiring and peppered us with excellent questions and conservation stories!

Ambassadors found so many amazing critters on the rock pool ramble!

Ambassadors tested their dolphin identification and Climate Change knowledge

The Ambassadors now know that reporting litter is just as important as collecting it!

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