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We were all so excited to get back on site at Jacks Beach today for our Mornington Peninsula Ambassador’s Coastal Workshop!!  Sunny skies greeted Ambassadors who started the day with a fantastic indigenous workshop with Sean from Living Culture!  Sean showed us a range of different plants that are used for medicine and food, how to throw hunting spears, and the Ambassadors even had a go at making a fire!

Next up Elley and Clayton from the Mornington Peninsula Shire led our students on a walk through Warringine Reserve to look for some of the indigenous and visiting birdlife, and we also discussed some of the threats to this beautiful mangrove wetland.

We then had a great walk and talk with Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Anthony and Emily, who pointed out a range of indigenous plants and animals along the beautiful track to Jacks Beach, and also some of the non-indigenous weeds that Ambassadors have helped to clear from this area over many years.

For our final session Ambassadors took part in Climate Change Activities where they tested their knowledge to determine which countries had the biggest impacts on our climate and which food types were the most sustainable.  A serious message delivered in such a fun way!

We had such a great experience and we are as always so truly grateful to the parents/carers and ISIC teachers for making these sessions possible.

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