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Welcome aboard, Helen Braybrook and Russell King. They will be working on the historical photo-data that DRI has gathered over the years. This is part of our national dolphin health project.

We believe that there might be up to 50,000 images to be scanned and analysed. Because these images date as far back as 1993, Helen and Russell are also working with slides – remember those!

Helen Scanningcropped-50%

Each scanned image is labelled with a unique code; eventually all images will be able to be cross-referenced, and a “who’s who” of individual animals developed. From this, the appearance of lesions on the dolphins will be able to be documented, and a sense of what is “normal” for the health of the population assessed.

Both Russell and Helen have been with DRI as volunteers for some time; Russell is also one of our sessional educators and Helen did her internship with us last year.

March, 2015

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