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Now in its fourth year, the Science Fair saw 750 students in Grade 5/6 from 19 schools across the southern peninsula region attend the day. The idea is to showcase science learning in schools with many of them presenting on topics as diverse as sustainability, robotics, water testing and forensics. We were honoured to be one of only two non-school organisations invited to attend. Three of the Dromana Ambassadors hosted an ‘i sea, i care‘ stall. They did an amazing job of answering all questions and demonstrating some of the things they have learned during the year. Well done Tinker, Max and Roy!


Two other schools, Red Hill Consolidated and Crib Point gave presentations on the main stage to their group about the ‘i sea, i care‘ program and what it has meant for their school community. Many of the schools there are Ambassador schools and it was brilliant to have them talking about our program.

Many thanks to Gill Wright, Leanne Marshall, David Ingham and Alan Marr for organising this fantastic event and giving us the opportunity to participate.

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