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For all the schools in the Mornington Peninsula region, this was such a great way to start your year as 2017 Ambassadors.

ISIC 2017 Morn Pen Swim morning

We saw dolphins only on the afternoon trip. We couldn’t get in the water with them as they were busy feeding and it looked like there might be a calf too. But – we all thought that it was amazing to see them.

As always though, the Australian fur seals out at Chinamans Hat were a favourite with the Ambassadors; as they are so playful and fun to be in the water with. This year there are more seals than ever, as there are fewer hangouts for them to rest. They are all males and they spend a lot of time sunbathing and arguing for the best spot!

Chinamans Hat and Ambassadors 2017

DID YOU KNOW? The fur seals originally came from the Cape in South Africa about 12,000 years ago when the sea levels were much lower at the end of the ice age. They can definitely call Australia home now.

Thank you to Torie and Troy, and all the fab crew at Moonraker. You do an amazing job every time.

Don’t Forget: Workshops next term at Benton Junior College and Somerville Rise for peer teaching. Looking forward to seeing you there.

P.S. WELCOME TO OUR NEW SCHOOLS   Boneo, Dromana Specialist College, St Brendan’s and Somerville Rise!

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