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Wednesday, 16 March 10:00am – 12:30pm 

Information for the boat trip with Moonraker.


Meet at Queenscliff, near the steps next to the dive shop 40 mins before departure. We meet the boat at the left hand end of the marina, away from the bay entrance.


Boat trip lasts for 2.5 hours.

Moonraker Trimmed Web

Cost per person is $70 per swim and $35 per sightsee.


All equipment provided, bring camera, bathers, towel, warm clothes to put on in between swims, food and drink etc. There are often snacks (noodles etc) to buy on board.


Maximum of 40 swimmers per trip, still only one adult per school, unless you have extra Ambassadors by prior arrangement. We can take a few extra sightseers.


It is highly recommended that swimmers be competent and confident in the water. If there are any doubts, then they should sightsee instead.


We would prefer that as many adults as possible also go into the water so there are some extra pairs of hands around to help with adjusting snorkels etc.


All swimming locations will be based on sea conditions that day and swimmers divided into smaller groups if necessary. Options include Portsea, Chinaman’s Hat, Point King and Pope’s Eye.


Dolphin swimming will only take place if crew are confident we can get all students to have a turn. Only 10 swimmers are allowed in the water at any one time and so the logistics of 30+ Ambassadors is tricky. If it looks difficult then we will stick to sightseeing. And this is often the best view of the dolphins anyway!!!!

Any queries, please phone 5979 7100


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