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“On Friday 7th June our four wonderful DRI Ambassadors in Grade 5 ran a day full of activities to celebrate our oceans and bays. Read their recounts to hear about what they planned for our school community to enjoy”.  Esther, ‘i sea, i care‘ Ambassador teacher.

Amelia tells what happened …

‘On Friday 7th June Mentone Primary School celebrated World Oceans Day with many events and activities that was a big success. The DRI Ambassadors had a key part to make the day all about understanding more about our bays and oceans.

Micheal ran the water shooting activity where you had to use a water pistol to try and shoot and have the water land into the bucket below to save water. Chloe hosted a jelly bean guessing competition for 50 cents a guess. Julia’s activity was really fun and involved rubbish and waste. My activity was a memory game. On the memory cards were sea creatures that live in Port Phillip Bay, I found it really fun to watch everyone have a go. Lastly, we had a whole school colouring competition with some amazing prizes donated by our ambassador families.

On the day we had a dress up day and awarded the best dressed. It was really cool and fun to see all the costumes across every grade. We had two amazing winners who were dressed as jellyfish and a shark. The whole day was a big success and everyone enjoyed it, thank you to everyone who participated and helped raise money for the Dolphin Research Institute, we could not have done it without you!’

read what Ambassadors Chloe, Julia and Michael added here.

Thank you, Ambassadors! What a great way to celebrate World Oceans Day. Don’t forget, we’d love to hear what other Ambassadors are doing in their schools and communities. Send photos, stories whatever to your very own page here!


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