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The Ambassadors from across the Melbourne region had a busy start to the year, with three trips on Port Phillip and four peer teaching workshops. Thank you to the host schools and their co-ordinators, Dean at Cornish College, Ebony at St Josephs, Leigh at Boronia West and Carmela at St Macartans.

ISIC Melb PT 2017 11

At these workshops, the Ambassadors learnt how to teach junior students about Victoria’s marine treasures, and the issues facing them. Role-plays were important (and fun!) in this. One of the key messages was that it’s difficult for dolphins (and others) to find food if there’s rubbish in the ocean.

ISIC Melb PT 2017 10

After some rehearsals, the Ambassadors took their messages to the younger students. Everyone had a great time, and learnt some valuable lessons. Well done to you all!

Enjoy the holidays, and we’ll see you in Term Two.

Thanks to Cornish College for these wonderful photos. Don’t forget, Ambassadors and your teachers can send us photos, essays, videos – just about anything you’ve been doing via our Ambassadors’ Gallery page here.

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