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We made the most of our last day before lockdown with our Ricketts Point Workshop for the Melbourne Marine Ambassadors! The clouds cleared to blue skies for our Rockpool Ramble, and the Ambassadors had a fantastic time searching for crabs, snails, sea urchins, and other critters that call this Marine Sanctuary their home!

After snack, the Ambassadors participated in a mini-Beach Patrol using THE Litter Stopper APP, and all gained a deeper understanding of the importance of the Ricketts Point as a Marine Sanctuary, the sources, and pathways of litter into this area, and in particular how important reporting the amounts and types of litter is to help authorities more effectively target litter sources!

The Ambassadors had a blast during their seagrass session, learning about the importance of seagrass habitats and using scientific equipment to identify all the amazing critters that live in and around the seagrass!

Finally, Ambassadors tested their identification skills with our Dolphin Fin ID game and then finished off with a super engaging activity connecting Climate Change, food production, and transport!

After a fantastic day, we said goodbye to our face-to-face workshops with a heavy heart as we headed into lockdown for a week. But do not fear Ambassadors we have some amazing online ISEAICHAT sessions lined up next week for World Environment Week, with some fantastic guest presenters that live, work, and basically breathe conservation! So check that your folks received our email and don’t forget to register! Stay safe folks – The Education Team

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