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We had a couple of fantastic sessions with our Melbourne ISIC Marine Ambassador Peer Teaching Workshops this week! After several years of multiple lockdowns and online learning, students, teachers and DRI staff alike were so excited to attend the workshop and the Ambassadors loved getting to know students from other schools! After teaching some great tips and tricks for effective and engaging communication, Mandy taught the Ambassadors a range of fun and super engaging ocean-related activities. The Ambassadors were so engaged listening to Mandy discuss the fascinating facts about some of the species that live in our local bays!

The Ambassadors then practised teaching the activities, and there was a great deal of laughter as they supported each other through the different challenges. After practice time, the Ambassadors then became the teachers, and they did a fantastic job of teaching a younger class all about the marine environment and the simple actions we can all take to help protect it! The younger students had such a blast and the Ambassadors had their rapt attention from start to finish!

It is so rewarding to watch these young environmental leaders gain so much confidence in just a few hours to learn and then effectively teach the marine activities to their younger cohorts, and the support that they gave each other was just wonderful!

Thank you so much to Heany Park and St. Augustine Primary Schools for hosting the workshops and as always to the wonderful teachers, parents and carers that transported our Ambassadors to the workshop, without you it would not be possible!

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