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Mandy Robertson – “2020 Educator of the Year”

We proudly share that Mandy Robertson, DRI’s Education Director, received Environment Education Victoria’s “2020 Educator of the Year” award in the category of “Community educator of the year (Environmental Education Provider).

The award acknowledges “a major contribution to environmental and/or sustainability education in the financial year 2019-2020, above and beyond their regular duties”.

“Above and beyond” describes Mandy who seeks out opportunities to develop skills to improve her work. Training as a Climate Reality Leader and Community Based Social Marketing for example. It also describes the impact that Mandy has on people through her leadership of the Institute’s ‘i sea, i care’ School Ambassador Program and other roles outside DRI.   

Mandy’s recognition is well earned and adds to other acknowledgements this year for programs that Mandy drives or is part of. This includes the” 2020 Environmental Education Award” for ‘i sea, i care’, from Keep Victoria Beautiful, and the “Australian 2020 Award for Small Events” for the Island Whale Festival.”

Mandy would be the first to share her acknowledgment with her team of fine educators, our council partners with ‘i sea, i care’, and the teachers, parents and student ambassadors who make her work possible. 

Making the world a better place is why people like Mandy work for organisations such as DRI. It’s challenging and exhausting and while we don’t seek personal acclaim, being acknowledged by your peers is heartening and energising to continue the great work.             

We acknowledge the other worthy finalists in the category, Alex Alex Johnson – BirdLife Australia and Madelaine Willcock – Nature Stewards Program.  

We also acknowledge Environment Education Victoria for their leadership in the area of environmental education over many decades.  

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. Hopefully, these acknowledgements bode well for a great 2021.

Congratulations and well-deserved Mandy.

Jeff Weir, Executive Director.

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