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In what has been a recurring theme for November workshops, the day started out wet and cold, but by the time the Ambassadors arrived the weather was cheering up for their last workshop of the year. We met at Pencil Park in Keysborough on November 24, for a days activities focusing on the health of local wetlands and connection to indigenous culture.

The Ambassadors started the morning looking at the fresh water invertebrates in the ponds and learning about local frog species, (which were doing their best to outdo each other to be heard!)

After morning break, it was time for a walk and talk around the park, looking at how stormwater is channelled through the area, local birds which were entered into an online survey,and a fantastic hour with Dean Stewart about what aboriginal life was like before settlement.

The day finished with a barbecue and wishing the Ambassadors all the best for their next adventure as they continue their environmental stewardship.

Congratulations to all Ambassadors for their hard work this year, along with Judith (Lyndale Greens), Elissa (Yarraman Oaks), Em (Silverton) and Anthony (Woranna Park) for your dedication is getting this program off the ground.

Of course, many thanks go to Kirstine Oh and Maree Keenan from City of Greater Dandenong for sponsoring the program, Caroline Wilson from BirdLife Australia for your expertise and Dean Stewart for another great insightful talk.

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