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We had beautiful sunny skies for our coastal workshop with our Kingston Marine Ambassadors from Mentone Girls Grammar! We started at Banyan Reserve for a session on litter traps, macroinvertebrate identification, and water quality testing.

The Ambassadors were amazed to see how much litter flows into the traps!

Discovering just how much fun science, and helping the planet can be, the Ambassadors tested their skills at identifying macroinvertebrates and learning how the species can be an indicator of water health.

After a break, we travelled to Mordialloc pier where we walked along Mordialloc Creek to check out two litter traps that filter water coming from as far as Dandenong!

We discussed litter pathways at Mordialloc pier and then headed along Mordialloc Creek.

The Ambassadors thoroughly enjoyed the day and now have a much deeper understanding of litter sources and pathways, and most importantly the many actions large and small they can take to reduce their consumption and litter output.

Mandy discusses the importance of litter traps, and that particular trap is the last one before the beach, with many residential properties between this trap and the sea!

To the wonderful parents and teachers who come along to workshops – thank you for getting involved and helping these days run so smoothly! And to our Ambassadors – your passion is what makes days like this such a joy and gives us hope for a better future!

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