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What an absolutely fabulous experiences Ambassadors, teachers, parents, and DRI staff had last Thursday for our first Moonraker boat trip for term 1!  Ambassadors on the afternoon trip were so lucky to have dolphins swimming alongside the boat, and everyone was super excited to jump in the water for their first in-water dolphin experience!!!  The morning trip had a fantastic snorkel at Popes Eye, and both groups had an absolute ball swimming with the ever-playful seals at Chinamans Hat!

This vital component of the ISIC Marine Ambassador program helps students understand why environmental protection is so important and empowers them to take action!  This was very evident during the boat trip, as many Ambassadors commented that this first-hand experience made them want to try even harder to take positive environmental action, not only personally but to try and support others to make positive changes!  A very rewarding experience for all involved and thanks once again to Torie and the Moonraker crew for making this day so special, and as always to the fabulous parents and teachers for making days like this possible!

The seal swim was such a highlight, the Ambassadors loved watching these gorgeous puppy dogs of the sea play in the water, and jostle for position on the structure!

A beautiful Smooth ray gliding along just above the sand at Chinamans Hat caused many squeals of delight!

In this short video below you can hear the excited calls of Ambassadors as the dolphins came over to say hello!

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