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Welcome to all our City of Kingston Ambassadors, teachers and their schools. What a busy start to the term – we have certainly hit the bay swimming!

We have had some wonderful host schools that we would like to acknowledge and say thank you:

Mentone Primary School (Maree)

St Brigids Primary School (Wendy)

St Catherines Primary school (Sandra)

We have had over 80 Ambassadors present during the Leadership Training days and what an amazing job they did.  All the schools represented on those days should be very proud of their Ambassadors that they have selected.

The Ambassadors worked closely with other schools on the day and learned a program with a strong focus on our amazing marine life and pollution issues.  These efforts were entwined with teamwork and leadership skills that will be taken back to their own schools.  The Ambassadors all worked outside their comfort zones (some more than others!) and they stepped up to the challenge of presenting a program to students of the host school.  We are always amazed and proud of our Ambassadors and these training days were no different.  We really look forward to hearing about what our Ambassadors have done with the program once they are back at their own schools.

We would also like to say thank you to all the staff that were able to come and support the Ambassadors during their sessions. Remember to get on to the forum and share your ideas!

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