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What a fantastic day we had this week for our first onsite ISIC session after lockdown with Mentone Girls Grammar! The Ambassadors began the day by delving into the microscopic world of seagrass, and we found some amazing critters such as anemones, sea spiders and flatworms! The Ambassadors now have a much deeper understanding of the importance of seagrass habitats as nurseries for local fauna!
We then tested the Ambassador’s dolphin identification skills, and followed this up with a great Climate Change game, proving that when Science STEM activities are about important environmental issues they can still be so much fun!
After lunch, we conducted a litter collection and because it is National Recycling Week, we focused on the recyclable items in our collection.
We finished off with a fantastic rockpool ramble, and even though many of these students are local to this area they were amazed at the huge diversity of life that lives in and around the rockpools at this very special Marine Sanctuary!
Thank you as always to all the wonderful ISIC parents/carers and teachers who make these excursions possible, and we all left with huge smiles on our faces after a brilliant day!

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