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What a fantastic start to our I SEA I CHAT weekly online sessions with 45 awesome Marine Ambassadors joining Mandy and Jacqui to catch up on what everyone has been up to during Term 2.  We have been granted permission to film outdoors which means our Ambassadors can experience the next best thing to being with us in person during our workshops!! Mandy began with an update on this week’s rockpool ramble, where we found some amazing animals such as decorator crabs, elephant snails, eels, and chitons!!!    The chat sessions are focused on having a conversation and keeping it interactive, and we opened up the chat room for questions about the animals, what the future looks like for our Ambassador program, and importantly how we were all coping with quarantine, conservation actions, and schooling from home!!  These chat sessions are vital during this challenging period and beyond to continue to support inspire and motivate each other, brainstorm for innovative ways to help the environment from home such as upcycling and single-use plastic reduction, and to help our Ambassadors spread conservation awareness within their communities.

To our Ambassadors who tried to join, and it didn’t work our sincere apologies. It is important to register before the session so Mandy can verify each Ambassador in the waiting room. This first session was  a great trial for how we can improve things for next week, and to start with there will be some changes for future sessions as follows:

* When you register, please write your first name and then your school (instead of surname). That helps us check easily.

* We will open the meeting 20 minutes early for you to log in. You may then choose to do something else for 20 mins OR stay and ask Jacqui a question!  This way we hope to admit everyone before the 4 pm start.

* If you have not logged in by 4.05 pm the meeting will be locked as it is really tricky to present/talk while checking the waiting room.

* The original link  Mandy sent may be active for all the weekly chats,  but if not, the link is copied into emails sent to your parents/carers. You should receive an automatic email immediately with the joining link, however yesterday it seems not everyone received this second email.  So, each Wednesday Mandy will resend confirmation out to everyone registered.  SEE YOU NEXT WEDNESDAY WE CAN’T WAIT!!

* If you have any questions and want to email through prior to the session, please do. Ambassadors who ask the first 10 questions either by email or in the chatbox will be invited to ask their question to the group if they want to, otherwise, Jacqui or Mandy will read out the questions.

ALSO, we had so many keen Ambassadors that wanted to see what we are up to in more detail, so we will be posting photos and videos every week of our different activities in our local environment both on land and in the water!!!  There will be regular blog posts on both Facebook and our website

This link will take you to the i sea i care gallery page this is where ambassadors can upload projects they have done about looking after the environment. Posters, photos, videos, songs etc. We would love to see examples of you ‘staying green in quarantine’ and other ambassadors can see your posts too!

Finally, some cool links for you to check out. Remember, there is no obligation with any of this, you can delete it you want.

  1. Costa from Gardening Australia wants to know “What’s in your backyard? “A photo comp closes this Friday.

  1. Aussie Ark needs help choosing it’s next project so vote for “Conservation from the Couch”

  1. And lastly, some free science films to get you excited. Great on a cold day indoors.

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