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What an excellent ICHAT this week with Tom Hiney, Co-founder of the amazing Business For Purpose skincare company, Sunbutter! The creation of Sunbutter occurred while Tom was living in Ningaloo and swimming with the beautiful whale sharks and other amazing marine creatures. The Sunbutter idea stemmed from a deep desire to produce a plastic-free packaged sunscreen without using toxic chemicals that can potentially harm humans and marine habitats.

Sunbutter was born in Ningaloo, Western Australia while Tom was swimming with the Whalesharks!

Highlighting the changing demands of more conscious consumers, in just a few years Sunbutter has grown to stock over 500 retailers around the country with a range of plastic-free, reef-safe, all-natural and 100% vegan products!

Plastic -free products looking after people and the ocean

Sunbutter is a shining example of a company that walks the conservation talk. They not only produced Australia’s first plastic-free, reef-safe waterproof sunscreen, the business is carbon neutral, and they are a 1% for the planet business, whilst 10% of their profits are also donated to charitable environmental organisations such as the Thing Green Line and Island Conservation. Wow!

Business for Purpose means working with some amazing charitable organisations!

This was such an effective presentation towards helping Ambassadors understand that you can still make a profit whilst helping the planet! The Ambassadors commented that after all the negative news in the media about government inaction for the environment this presentation completely uplifted their spirits! They were amazed to hear about the boom in For Purpose Businesses who are acting to produce more environmentally friendly products and services.  Many Ambassadors also commented that they had not heard of the term ‘Business for Purpose’, and they were excited to share their new knowledge with their communities. As always, our presenter was so inspired by the Ambassador’s questions and their ability to connect their schooling and future career ambitions to real-life issues!

Thank you so much to Tom for yet again giving up his time to help further the environmental cause and to the Ambassadors, you always lift our spirits, particularly during this challenging time so THANK YOU!

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