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We are incredibly lucky to have resident dolphins in our bays and they need our respect.

A frantic call to our office today about a boat harassing dolphins could result in someone being hit with many $1,000’s in fines.

The stress of not being left alone to feed or rest can threaten their health, especially for mothers with young calves. Some of our dolphins have propeller injuries.

If dolphins approach you, slow down or stop, and enjoy the experience. Then let them swim away and don’t follow.

It is an offence to deliberately approach them closer than 100m (300m jetskis).  More details and links below.

You can help by sharing the message with your friends and also reporting your sightings at

(Note the image is taken many years ago)

Whale and Dolphin Watching Regulations
Please obey the minimum cetacean approach distances:
Dolphins: 100m boat, 300m jetski.  Whales: 200m boat, 300m jetski.
Download regulations HERE.  What to do if you find a stranded dolphin, HERE

Contacts in Victoria
Whale and Dolphin Emergency Hotline:1300 136 017
DELWP (for seals or marine turtles): 136 186 (business hours)
Dolphin Research Institute: 03 5979 7100

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