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All the best in 2018 from (and for) the DRI Team; supporters, staff, volunteers, tin-hosters, schools, councils and you!

DRI thanks you all for what has been achieved in 2017. We are excited to build on it in 2018. Already we are expanding our ‘i sea, i care’ program into secondary schools. This summer we are again investigating the possible effects on dolphins in Port Phillip from leisure craft in a ‘high traffic zone’.  This research is being developed and run by DRI; and funded by you. Our research will be vital for future guidelines from the government agencies.

So much to do, and so much relies on our donors and supporters.

Thank you, and a wonderful 2018 for you and all your dolphin friends.

PS (Small friends will be amazed by our holiday programs … see more here)

The DRI Team in 2017 – staff, board and volunteers- wish you all the best in 2018.

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