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Thank you, everyone who supported our Mothers’ Day Auction. There was some tough bidding happening! But we know that you all were bidding in the spirit of something great for your mum, and great for our dolphins.

The successful bidders have all been contacted. If you have any concerns, please contact us here or on 5979 7100. We want to make this Auction as much fun for you as it has been for us.

The second Sunday in May is when most of us want to say a special hello to our mum; but sometimes it just doesn’t happen as we’d like. Even if you missed the Auction, you can still give her a present of a dolphin – Adopt-A-Dolphin on line or donate here.

Of course, all money raised goes to supporting our amazing dolphins through DRI’s research and education programs.

PS No need to tell your mum you didn’t think of it yourself – hey, she’s going to be happy and you’re supporting dolphins!


All of the amazingly wonderful Mothers’ Day gifts were donated by DRI’s supporters. Thank you so much; we appreciate your tangible contribution to caring for our bays.

Vouchers are available for most of the auction items. Delivery of other items will be negotiated.

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