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Last week in Point Lonsdale the Geelong and Surf Coast schools gathered for the last official workshop of the year as Ambassadors (boat trip still outstanding). The theme was all about the coast and the day was packed full of activities. The Ambassadors began with sessions on the sea grass invertebrates where we found some incredible sea centipedes, anemones, shrimps, molluscs and much more and how to be a citizen scientist to monitor the ocean for animals and boats.

This was followed by a fabulous session about indigenous heritage and culture by Uncle Bryon Powell from the Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation.

After a barbecue lunch, we headed to the lighthouse and spent time exploring the rock pools. It was a brilliant day.

Many thanks to Uncle Byron and Simone Werts from Wadawurrung , Russell and Kristin from DRI and Shelley Waldon from Catholic Education Melbourne for making this day possible.

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