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On a beautiful sunny day Ambassadors from local Dandenong schools took part in their first Catchment workshop. We met at Dandenong Wetlands on Stud Road to watch the Melbourne Water crew empty the net bags in the creek that collect large pieces of rubbish. Greater Dandenong Ambassadors 2016Then it was over to Dallas and Simonette to plant a host of native wetland tubestock into the parkland.

The afternoon had us move to another great location at Tirhatuan Park, home of the World Wetland Day festival in February. Here the students learnt about water testing for oxygen, phosphates and turbidity and then thoroughly enjoyed getting wet looking for freshwater invertebrates in the ponds.

To complete the day, the Ambassadors collected bags of litter from around the park.Testing the water 2016

Many thanks to Kirstine, Dallas and Simonette from the council, Mitch Peters and the Melbourne Water crew, and Jess and Kristin from DRI for making the day possible.

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