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GIVE YOUR OLD SPORTS SHOES NEW LIFE! What a fantastic initiative for families with growing children! You no longer have to throw those shoes into landfill, you can help the environment and contribute to a circular economy by dropping off your old footwear at one of the designated drop-off points and your shoes will be turned into gym mats, floors, and playgrounds!
The ASGA website summarises the initiative: “Each year, over 25 million pairs of sports shoes are imported into Australia. With only 1% estimated to be recycled, it’s a waste problem that requires an immediate and innovative solution. The Australian Sporting Goods Association and Save Our Soles, and a number of major sporting brands have come together to create the ASGA Save Our Soles Footwear Recycling Initiative program to move the needle towards supply-chain sustainability”
For more information head to the following link and you no longer have to throw your old shoes out!

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