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After two failed attempts earlier this year, it was a case of third time lucky for all the schools over in Geelong, Lara and the Surf Coast.

On what turned out to be a beautiful and pretty calm day, we headed out from Queenscliff to first snorkel with the Australian fur seals at Chinamans Hat and then across to Portsea pier for some snorkelling over the reef and sea weed beds. The weedy seadragons were too well camouflaged, but plenty of other amazing marine life was spotted.

Although no dolphins were seen today, the Ambassadors still had a wonderful trip, experiencing Port Phillip and it was a great way to finish their year as Ambassadors.

We wish them all the best for their next adventure and hope that they remain passionate advocates for the environment.

Well done Gerard, Lizzie, Anthony, Matthew, Maria, Rick and Sandra for your efforts this year.

Thanks as ever to Catholic Education Melbourne for sponsoring the program.

Many thanks to Torie, Angus, Meg and Christina at Moonraker for an awesome day.

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