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The Ambassadors from the Geelong region had seen and experienced how amazing our marine environment is from on board the Moonraker earlier in the year. Now it was time for them to learn the skills necessary to teach the message of caring for our bays.

SIC Geelong 2018 Peer Teaching

The peer teaching workshop gives Ambassadors the skills and knowledge of how to present to their peers and community groups. It also builds their confidence in public-speaking.

With interactive games, crazy role plays and colourful props, the Ambassadors got to grips with eating like a sea star, yawning like a seal, camouflaging like a decorator crab and pretending to be hungry dolphins in a sea of plastic. All in a days’ work for our amazing environmental champions.

ISIC Geelong 2018 Peer Teaching

The Ambassadors take these activities back to school and the wider community with the aim of influencing real behavioural change to protect our marine life.

You can help too! Join the Dolphin Research Institute’s new i sea, i care‘ Communities and …. ACT SHARE SUPPORT – free, easy, useful and fun!

Thanks to our wonderful hosts at St Mary’s Primary School!


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