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Ambassadors from the Geelong, Bellarine, and Surf Coast regions had a fabulous time this week learning first hand about the bay’s many amazing treasures aboard the Moonraker thanks to Torie and her awesome crew!!

The day began with flat seas and crystal clear waters, and our Marine Ambassadors were so excited to watch several dolphins bow riding in the boat wake! The seal swim at Chinamans Hat was such a highlight!! Some of our Ambassadors were snorkeling for the first time, and for staff and students alike this was a fabulous experience they will never forget!

Whilst ‘i sea, i care’ Ambassadors learn about issues facing our marine treasures, these experiences also help them develop a deeper understanding of the importance of our marine habitats, and how they can help to protect them. These new understandings, and overcoming of new challenges also promotes a sense of self-esteem and confidence which empowers them to contribute toward positive environmental outcomes. Thank you so much to the Catholic Education Melbourne for continued support of the program, and a big high five to all the Ambassadors, especially those who snorkeled for the first time!!


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