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With some misty drizzle too light to even be detected by the rain radar, our Melbourne Ambassadors arrived smiling at Jacks Beach on November 15, ready for their final coastal workshop. Despite the weathers potential to turn nasty, the clouds slowly cleared giving way for some sunshine to make its way through. The day was full of activities, a BBQ lunch and the presentation of awards for our well-deserving volunteers.

Ambassadors began with a talk about local species of frog, including a pair-matching game involving students finding a partner based on the sound of different shakers.

Next, students had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Lionel Lauch as he shared his knowledge of indigenous heritage and culture. Everyone was amazed by his tools and the many, many resources he identified along the short walk from the coast to the bush. Some of the plants he pointed out were used to cure problems ranging from headaches and migraines to respiratory issues.

Following on, students rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to give the Green Army a hand weeding and pruning the space around Jacks Beach. Overhanging trees around the car park were trimmed as well as the bushes and trees along the pathways leading to the beach and back to Hastings.  The last session before a BBQ lunch showed students how to identify various animals found in Warringine Park by locating and assessing the various tracks found along the beach and in the bush. Students were also shown skulls of different animals found in the parkland, underpinning the importance of managing the presence of invasive species.

240 sausages-in-bread later, students gathered for an awards ceremony to thank our hard-working Ambassadors who have committed themselves to i sea, i care over the past year.


Well done to recipients of the following awards:

School of the Year – Park Ridge Primary School


Park Ridge Primary School Ambassadors

Ambassador of the Year – Lily Laurence, Hampton Park Primary School


Lily Laurence and fellow Ambassadors from Hampton Park Primary School

Highly commended Ambassador of the Year – Alicia Massuger, Boronia Primary School

Alicia Massuger from Boronia Primary School

Alicia Massuger from Boronia Primary School

Highly commended Ambassador of the Year – Bella Byers, Emerald Primary school

Highly commended Ambassador of the Year – Mitchell Sharkie, Kerrimuir Primary school

Mitchell Sharkie from Kerrimuir Primary School

Mitchell Sharkie from Kerrimuir Primary School


Co-ordinator of the Year – Glenn Jepson, Kunyung Primary School

Glenn Jepson from Kunyung Primary School with Mandy Robertson

Parent Helper of the Year – Blythe Sharkie, Kerrimuir Primary School

Blythe Sharkie

Blythe Sharkie, always happy to lend us a hand during workshops

Outstanding Contribution – Paul Schaus, Woodlands Primary School

And to all our Ambassadors for your wonderful efforts and contribution to the success of another workshop program. Every one of you helps to support the health of environments and reverse the negative impacts of litter pollution in our oceans and parklands.

Mandy Robertson and student Ambassadors from Somers Primary School

Mandy Robertson and student Ambassadors from Somers Primary School

Many thanks to Lionel Lauch, the Green Army crew, Jerard, Hannah from the Shire and all our parents and volunteers for making the workshops a great day for everyone.

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