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We had a fantastic final ICHAT session with Ambassadors giving presentations on their topic of choice, followed by a fun feedback poll!  What a great way to finish off another very challenging home-schooling term!  It was a real mixed bag of presentations from facts about snow leopards, to climate change, single-use masks, blogs for school newsletters and some awe-inspiring paintings of marine life!  Even with 2021 constituting so much home learning we were so thrilled to see how much our Ambassadors have grown in their confidence to communicate environmental awareness within their communities!

Our final survey poll also left us feeling so inspired with many of our Ambassadors communicating with their family, friends and online communities about environmental issues and solutions. Many Ambassadors upscaled their environmental action this year as well, taking part in events such as Spring Clean Patch, and doing all that they could during lockdown to reduce their environmental impacts, such as buying nontoxic sunscreen, Red Cycling soft plastics and conducting clean-ups within their lockdown radius.

The last session was bittersweet for Mandy and Jacqui who are so happy the Ambassadors are returning to school but will miss our weekly ICHATS.   We are SO proud of all of our Ambassadors and so very thankful to the ISIC teachers and parents who helped the students join us online every week.

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