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Supporters of our Adopt-A-Dolphin program have been a critical part of the Institute for 27 years – some for the entire time!

Many Adopt-A-Dolphin memberships are given as gifts.

Last Christmas two sisters, Madison and Chloe were given Adopt-A-Dolphin memberships by their Grandma and Grandpa. We received some special letters and we promised to put them on our website:

“Dear Jeff Weir, I can’t believe that I am now part of the Adopt-A-Dolphin Program!!!! Thank you for inviting me! I am 8 and turning 9 in March, I have a sister Chloe, mum and dad and dog, Webber!  From Madison.

“Dear Jeff Weir, it is Chloe here. I’m writing to you. I’m so excited to part of the Adopt-A-Dolphin Program. From Chloe.

The lovely drawings were done by the girls and sent along with some treats (thank you).

Thank you girls for your excitement and letters!

We often say that what we do is really about the legacy we leave the next generation. Madison and Chloe are a great reminder about why we do what we do.

Maybe one day they will be in our shoes, writing thank you to the next generation of passionate children?

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