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Ambassadors from the City of Greater Dandenong had a cool time at their recent workshop looking at catchments, and how important they are to the health of our environment.

ISIC Dandenong 2018 catchment

The morning session was at Melbourne Water Wetlands in Stud Rd. Here Ambassadors saw – and smelt! – a litter trap being emptied. They also got hands-on with litter collection and planting native trees and shrubs. (Thanks to the crew at Melbourne Water).


The afternoon session was at Tirhatuan Park where the Ambassadors learnt about water quality and freshwater invertebrates. And were amazed at just what sort, and how many, creatures could be found.

Help the Dandenong Ambassadors make a difference for the future. Join our ‘i sea, i care’ Communities and show you care. Just click and tick to say what you will do … no to plastic straws, yes to keep cups, yes I’ll help at beach clean-ups … and come along to our Walk for Our Bays on Sunday, October 21 at the Hastings Marina.


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