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Now in its second year, the Dandenong ‘i sea, i care’ program welcomes two new schools, Carwatha P-12 College and Chandler Park Primary.
ISIC 2017 Dandenong Workshop1-11
We again headed to Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary for an awesome introduction to our wonderful marine environment. The weather was warm and sunny with light winds,  and the tide was really low for our explorations.
ISIC 2017 Dandenong Workshop1-1
The students spent a session learning to snorkel for the first time with their amazing instructors, Will and Hayley from Merricks Lodge.
Then they immersed themselves in the invertebrate world of the sanctuary, exploring the rocks pools with Kristin and investigating the micro-world of sea grass with Russell.
ISIC 2017 Dandenong Workshop1-3
It was an incredible day and one the students will never forget.
Many thanks to Jon Lazarus at Uniting Church Camping for their generous support and Margaret Hewitt for the organisation of the venue.
Don’t Forget: Next term’s workshop at Silverton Primary School for peer teaching! Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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