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This week Ambassadors from schools in the City of Greater Dandenong had the exciting opportunity to witness first hand the some of the living marine treasures above and below the surface of Port Phillip Bay. Our Ambassadors had an amazing time snorkeling around the crystal clear waters at Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary first participating in a snorkel skills session, and then a guided snorkel! Some of the Ambassadors had never been snorkeling before, and many commented that they absolutely loved the experience and could not wait to snorkel again!! Ambassadors then participated in a guided rock-pool ramble, and they loved wandering amongst the shallow pools searching for crabs, sea snails and all the critters that call this beautiful sanctuary their home!

Victoria’s Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries are protected areas in our oceans and bays and have an amazing diversity of species and habitats. At Ricketts Point the Ambassadors discovered why protected areas are so important, how their actions can help these beautiful habitats, and of course… just how much fun marine conservation can be!!!!

Thanks to everyone who made this such a wonderful experience for these future marine leaders!!

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