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Well done to the Ambassadors at Cheltenham East Primary School, and their school community. See what they have been doing to help the marine environment – and get some ideas for yourself!

The ‘i sea, i care’ Marine Ambassadors at Cheltenham East Primary School got their school community involved in World Oceans Day this year. They designed and distributed pledges for the school community to sign in an effort to encourage ecological lifestyle choices. The community embraced the initiative with 60 families avoiding plastic shopping bags, 58 families saying no to plastic straws, 68 families not using balloons and 48 families avoiding disposable coffee cups and water bottles.

ISIC Kingston Cheltenham East 2018World Oceans Day also saw the launch of the Terracycle Recycle & Win competition at Cheltenham East Primary. Families are sending their oral waste products to school. The Marine Ambassadors have sent off their first box of waste for recycling, earning points towards a community garden for their school.

There were many fabulous activities happening across classrooms on the day. The Ambassadors went into some of the infant classrooms to teach science lessons while other year levels were engaged in activities such as echo-location games, penguin counting Citizen Science Projects and river quality experiments.

ISIC Kingston Cheltenham East 2018d

The impact the Marine Ambassadors are making hasn’t stopped there. Term 3 has seen the introduction of the CEPS Compost Crusaders. The Ambassadors are organising and coordinating students from across all year levels to manage the school compost system. They are excited to reduce the amount of food waste being put into landfill and help provide the school community with delicious produce from their school garden.

Thank you, Cheltenham East PS – go Ambassadors!!

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