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Workshop is on Thursday, June 7, at 9.30am. Meet at Endeavour Hills Shopping Centre in the car park opposite the Library, on Raymond McMahon Blvd.  (There are toilets in the shopping centre or the library).

The morning session will be around the corner on Frangipani Court with the council crew emptying the litter trap.

The afternoon session will be down the road at Frog Hollow Reserve. Parking is next to the sports pavilion, entry from David Collins Drive, opposite Truslove Court.

Here Ambassadors will be conducting a litter survey for Tangaroa Blue, litter collection, freshwater invertebrates and water testing.

Ambassadors should be prepared for cold and wet conditions, with sturdy shoes that may get wet and muddy. Therefore a spare dry pair (with dry socks) is good OR a pair of gumboots.

They need to bring all food and drink for the day, plus notebooks and a camera if possible. REMEMBER – try and keep our workshops plastic free!!

Also, if you have a white 2L ice cream container (to look at water bugs in) – please bring it!

Check website for workshop updates and weather information. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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