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Kurtis, Zola, Alex and Tahnya, the ‘i sea i care’ Marine Ambassadors for 2018 at Cranbourne Park Primary, had a fantastic opportunity recently to speak on the radio about how we can all help our marine environment.

Sue Jones, Principal and Mandy Robertson, DRI”s Education Director, accompanied the students for their session at Casey Radio 97.7FM with hosts Kevin and Rita.

It was an awesome experience, talking about why they became Ambassadors and what we can all do to reduce the rubbish in our streets, waterways and, of course, our oceans.
Single-use plastics came in for close attention and, as World Oceans Day in June has a focus on plastics, it was a good chance to remind everyone that we can all make a difference, no matter how small.
We are heading back in on Monday 18 June at 1pm for a catch up after the Ambassadors have participated in the latest workshop on Catchments, so tune in to Casey Radio for ‘Hot Topics with Rita’ and check out our amazing marine champions.
Read more about the inspiring ‘i sea, i care’ Ambassador program here!

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