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The Kasey Lee boat trip on Western Port visits the Australian fur seal colony at Seal Rocks and is a fantastic experience for Ambassadors, alongside helping deepen their understanding of how precious our marine environments are.

Our lucky Ambassadors had perfect conditions with calm seas and sunny skies for their first workshop for 2021! This experience is so much fun, and helps support and motivate Ambassadors to raise awareness about human impacts upon our oceans!

Watching these beautiful animals in their natural habitat also inspires Ambassadors to take action to help ensure these vital marine ecosystems remain healthy and hospitable for these beautiful Australian Fur seals.  Seal Rocks is a great example of the importance of marine habitats with over 30,000 seals calling it home. Once hunted to the point of collapse it is fantastic to see these majestic animals recover to sustainable numbers, and seal populations are valuable tools in determining ocean health.

Thanks to Wildlife Coast Cruises and David Westlake at the City of Casey, and of course the wonderful ISIC coordinators, teachers and parent/carers who transport Ambassadors to these fantastic workshops!

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