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To all of our wonderful Ambassadors, parents, teachers, and partners of the Marine Ambassador program, we want to say a huge thank-you for your participation and support over these last few months.  Whilst the last few weeks have been a significant challenge for all of us, we look forward to a bright future! In addition, some of our Ambassadors were disappointed to miss out on their boat trip due to Corona related cancellations, but do not worry we will be rescheduling the Moonraker trips for later in the year! In addition, there will be a range of interactive workshop opportunities such as live streaming workshops available if and when required.  Lastly, to our wonderful Marine Ambassadors, keep supporting each other, thinking of ways to reduce environmental impacts, and helping us communicate environmental awareness message far and wide.  We can’t wait to catch up with you in Term 2 and hear about all the amazing things you have been doing over the break.  Stay safe everyone, and we wish you the very best from the Dolphin Research Institute’s Education Team.

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