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The smiles on these faces say it all as ‘i sea, i care’ Ambassadors from the regions of Bayside, Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula had a fabulous time learning first hand about the bay’s many amazing treasures aboard the Moonraker (thanks to Torie and her awesome crew!!).

We had all four seasons this week, but the one thing in common was a great time was had by all! Some of our Ambassadors were thrilled at the chance to swim with the beautiful Bottlenose dolphins, and others had fun watching these amazing animals swimming alongside the boat! The seal swim at Chinamans Hat was another huge highlight and a big high five to all the Ambassadors who jumped in, especially those who snorkelled for the first time! As always thank you to the fabulous ISIC Coordinators and parents/carers who transported our lucky Ambassadors to these excursions, without you this would not be possible!

The ‘i sea, i care’ Ambassadors learn more than just about the issues facing our marine treasures and habitats, experiences such as these inspire Ambassadors and help them learn to how to support each other, alongside developing a better sense of self-esteem and self-confidence to help spread the environmental message and contribute to a brighter future!

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