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Bayside Ambassadors have been busy learning about the marine environment over the past two terms; and learning how to share the message that our living marine treasures are too precious to lose.

Peer teaching workshops give the Ambassadors skills in teaching their peers, and other groups. They also gain enormously in self-confidence – and have fun!

ISIC Bayside 2018 Peer Teaching

Catchment workshops are more hands-on. Activities include water testing, freshwater invertebrate study and learning about storm water harvesting.

In the afternoon, we conducted a litter survey – everything we do (or drop) can end up in the sea! A huge eye-opener for the Ambassadors; well done to you all.

You can be part of this as well. Join our ‘i sea, i careCommunities – just click and tick to show what you will do to help protect our marine environment (like reduce plastics, no to ‘disposable’ coffee cups, pick up after your dog…)


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