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OUR MARINE AMBASSADORS ARE SO INSPIRING! This week the Education Team headed to St Finbar’s and Silverton for our Peer Teaching Workshops with our amazing ‘i sea i care’ Marine Ambassadors! After teaching the Ambassadors a range of activities designed to engage and connect students with their local environment, and plenty of practice time, the Ambassadors then taught a younger class!

The Ambassadors practicing their Beachcombing activity before they are to teach it to the younger students

We were so proud to watch our Ambassadors taking to their teaching roles with gusto, and as always it is wonderful to watch their confidence grow, to a point where they feel empowered and able to effectively communicate positive environmental messages and solutions, all the while engaging their young audience from start to finish! They are an absolute inspiration!!

The younger students absolutely love engaging with Ambassadors in hands-on activities during these workshops!

Many thanks as always to our Council partners, host schools, ISIC coordinators, and parent/carers for making these workshops possible!

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