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There are 2 workshops for the Bayside Ambassadors. This is to give every student the chance to fully participate in the activities. First workshop is on Wednesday, 9 May at St Joan of Arc School, 30 Dendy Street, Brighton.

Second workshop is on Thursday, 21 June at Cheltenham Primary School, 231 Charman Rd, Cheltenham.

Please try to arrive by 9.30am so that we can get a prompt start at 9.45am. Parking availability differs from school to school so we will try to highlight the best options for you and/or the parents that are driving.

Ambassadors need to bring a notebook and pen or ipad to take notes on the day, plus the usual food and drink. REMEMBER – we are trying to be plastic-free!

Host school will provide morning tea for teachers and parents!

The workshop will be finished by 2pm if not earlier. This will depend on the timing of the host school’s timetable and will be advised in advance where possible.

If there are any changes/cancellations to these events, alerts will in future be posted onto our website and so I urge all teachers and parents to check it regularly. PLEASE NOTE that one responsible adult must be present at all times, however they can swap over during the day.




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