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May 24 – More Bayside Ambassadors becoming teachers!

The day welcomed us with sunshine as Sandringham East Primary and Cheltenham Primary Ambassadors came together for a day of learning, leadership and fun. To start off the day, the Ambassadors were taught what they would need to know about local marine life and the damaging effects of plastics – to teach their own lessons!

ISIC 2017 Sandy East4

The first half of the day was spent learning the content, and the skills, that make a great presentation.  This involved Ambassadors taking notes, and working as a team to allocate themselves to the different roles and responsibilities involved in the lesson.

In the afternoon, grade two students at Sandringham East were brought into the library where the Ambassadors were responsible for running the same lesson taught in the morning, from start to finish.

After planning the lesson, numerous rehearsals and discussions, Ambassadors gave an excellent lesson that really engaged grade two students, getting them excited to answer questions and participate in activities. After an energetic introduction, activity one involved Ambassadors teaching students about a number of special marine species.

ISIC 2017 Sandy East

ISIC 2017 Sandy East3

Activity two was beachcombing, where Ambassadors discussed common items that can wash up in our bays, and in activity three the Ambassadors interacted with the grade twos in helping some very hungry dolphins find their food.  Following the lesson, Ambassadors had a debrief – discussing any feedback that they had for themselves or team mates. All Ambassadors did a fantastic job of working together and supporting each other’s strengths and weaknesses throughout the lesson. Your positive outlook and enthusiasm worked a treat to get the grade two’s excited to learn. Lastly, a special thank you to our friendly and welcoming teachers and parents who were present on the day!

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